To begin, let’s get one fact clear: there is no single way to focus on specific areas that contain fat in your body.

It doesn’t matter how actively the guy on the ad promises how his products can ‘firm up your butt’ or ‘melt the love handle .’ he is…

As you grow, your skin is not as effective as it used to be at peeling dead skin cells. So, it needs to exfoliate regularly to lift off dead and old skin cells to reveal a better skin form.

Exfoliation helps keep your skin pores clear, have a clean skin-free…

Everybody disagrees with the food pyramid, and we need not discuss further whether, in some way, it could have some hidden truth.

It’s just so wrong!

According to the pyramid, cereals and grains are at the top, and I’m left wondering if the inventors were cereal producers.

How did the…

You have probably tried accessing a particular site, and you got barred. The reason, the area you were logging in from is not accepted. Or maybe, you were using a community Wi-Fi, and you got a message that your files were being shared.

Such experiences can be traumatizing, given that…

For a diet to be the best, it has to be safe, nutritious, efficient, and easy-to-follow. And that’s for weight loss as well as preventing diabetes and heart disease.

Men are known to drink a lot of booze and taking lots of red meat, which altogether can be unhealthy and…

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